Our People

Donna Taylor

(Founder/Creative Director)

Donna Taylor has come from humble beginnings and has always been passionate about making a difference through film. Donna’s core skills include writing, producing and directing. She heads a dynamic team with compassion, strength and with a willingness to listen and empower. Donna is hard working and innovative; she looks forward to continue to create films that give a voice to those who need to be heard.

Susan Cummins

(Head of Creativity)

Susan originates from Cork in Ireland but, has lived and worked in London for many years. She is an actor, writer, script consultant and is diverse in her skill set when required. Susan has collaborated with Donna Taylor for many years and she reflects the ethos of DT Film Productions. Together with their continued passion for making a difference through film they are the driving force behind the projects of DT Film Productions

Neil Simpson

(DOP and Editor)

Neil is an award winning film maker with over 30 years of experience as an 

advertising Creative Director, Neil has worked in all sectors, in all media both 

nationally and internationally. He spent many years working in agencies like Leo 

Burnett, Ogilvy and Razorfish; before starting his own film making company called Sounds & Pictures Ltd. 


Linda Addis

(Associate Producer/2nd Assistant Director)

Essex based Linda Addis has many years of experience in the film industry. Linda ensures DT Film Productions are very well organised and run smoothly.

Herbs Johnson 

(Production Co-ordinator)

Herbs Johnson is one of our original team members. He organises the sets whilst assisting the director, DOP and crew. He is also an established actor with major films to his credit including Scum, Pressure and Full Metal Jacket.

Gary Kittle

(Script Supervisor)

Having written a couple of screenplays for DT Film Productions Gary now holds the role of script supervisor and proof reader for the organisation.

Robin Plummer

(Editor/Camera Assistant/Stills Photographer)

Robin was there at the inception of DT Films back in 2009.  A genuine all rounder on and off the set. Skilled in IT and Project Managment he brings organisation and planning to the film production process.

Senel Karava

(Asociate Producer/Production Assistant)

Senel Karava is an original member of the team. She is a singer, actor and has great organisational skills which she puts to good use on set.   

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