Our Mission

DT Film Productions aim to produce excellence in film by creating engaging, entertaining and commercially viable stories that can really make a difference.

We use TV and film as an aspirational vehicle to offer equal opportunities to gifted individuals from all corners of society.


By embracing diversity and promoting positive change through the medium of film; we aim to continue to reach the undiscovered talent among marginalised groups. Our films will give them a voice, a chance to shine. What is unique is that these individuals will come together and work side by side with a strong foundation of experienced, established members of the film community.


It is our intention to explore unheard stories that need to be listened to and seen through a different lens. These films will be used as a tool, to inform and educate; ultimately offering hope to those experiencing challenging times in their lives.


In bringing these films to cinemas and international film festivals we will be demonstrating that we here in the UK are proud of who we are, regardless of colour, social status, sexual orientation or disability. We believe we are leading the way in independent inclusive film.


Film In Education
Our vision is to give a platform to our young people, allowing them to be the voice for the future. Therapizing through creativity and film will offer them an opportunity to grow and learn together.

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