"Rise Up, Create, Be Heard"


Our mission


It is our intention to explore unheard stories that need to be listened to and seen through a different lens within education and the community. These films will be used as a tool, to inform and educate; ultimately offering hope to those experiencing challenging times in their lives.



Our vision


Our vision is to give a platform to our young people, allowing them to be the voice for the future. Therapizing through creativity and film will offer them an opportunity to grow and learn together.



The Strategy  


We aim to create a succession of short films addressing issues the students raise that adversely affect them personally. These films will be used as a tool within the education system and the wider community.  Students would also have the opportunity to create and devise their own outcomes with only part of a film/s being shown initially.


A package will then be created that can be tailored and designed to suit the needs of each school/community project. This will enable us to deliver a program designed for their individual needs.


We will develop a Scheme of Work which could be integrated into planning and class lessons or Lifelong Learning, PDT/PPA. These lessons would offer insight, information and discussion; with a view to helping that one child with no voice. 



Empowering our young people is the key to them contributing to change and offering them a future and a better tomorrow. 



Upon request we can provide you with an overview which incorporates our short, medium and long term plans. We can also provide you with copies of our lesson plans.



Some Teachers comments;
 “Drama was amazing! For my more anxious children, it boosted self-esteem hugely and led to an incredible piece of writing which the children felt personally connected to.” 

 “The children’s confidence grew as the sessions progressed and they were thoroughly engaged in each session. he development/build up through the sessions provided the children with the opportunity to build upon prior learning and allowed for new learning.”


Some Students comments:
“Drama is wicked; it’s not like normal work.”
“I love drama, I’m good at it.” 
“It’s like you’re being silly with the noises but, it’s actually what real drama people (other child says, you mean actors) do.”

“I love drama because it is fun and adventurous”
“I like drama because we did acting and acting is my best thing ever in the world.”











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