Wonder out of Chaos
Feature-length documentary. In production.


This documentary follows the transformative journey of the Chickenshed theatre company and its co-creators looking back over the past 50 years of inclusive theatre. Featuring A-list talent, the film showcases the power of inclusive theatre.

Finding My Voice
Feature film due for release 2024.


Melanie dreams of becoming a singer but when her world is ripped apart by tragedy and she’s forced to confront a dark family secret, fate has other plans




Melanie is a troubled teenager, her mother, Lisa an alcoholic; both struggling against a world seemingly set against them. Maria, Lisa’s sister, has married the wealthy music producer Chris and enjoys a lavish lifestyle. Melanie’s efforts to take care of her two younger brothers are laudable, but crisis turns to tragedy when ten-month old sister Katy succumbs to a sudden illness. Melanie runs away, only to fall under the influence of the mesmeric Kizzy, who lures her into a world of drugs and prostitution. Melanie runs again – but only into even greater danger. Meanwhile, a family secret is confronted: but has it all come too late for Melanie?


Written by: Donna Taylor

Directed by: Arabella Burfitt-Dons

Produced by: Djonny Chen, Donna Taylor


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Hearts Without Homes

Feature-length documentary. Completed. Runtime 75mins.


A powerful exploration of homelessness, depicting personal journeys from the streets to a future of hope and resilience. The film, narrated by Shane Richie, received positive feedback at our first screening, with notable figures like Julie Etchingham, Dame Sian Philips and Nick Moran endorsing it. ITV covered a news piece on their morning programme. We are actively working to expand this into a series, with a dedicated focus on youth homelessness.


Ready made docu-feature, currently lookng for distribution.



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The Refuge
Feature film in production late 2024.

The Refuge is more than just a feature film; it's a powerful vision that will reach people globally. This heartfelt story dares to break the silence surrounding this worldwide problem. The Refuge tells the harrowing tale of a pregnant mother whose unwavering love compels her to take a courageous journey. With her young daughter in tow and carrying her unborn baby, they seek urgent refuge as they embark on a treacherous path, defying traditions that threaten their well-being. The film peels back the layers of abuse, showing us that it's not always the visible scars that hurt the most but the ones engraved into the soul.
At its core, The Refuge is a celebration of resilience. It showcases the power of the human spirit that allows survivors to rise above the darkness. In The Refuge lifelong friendships are formed in the unlikeliest of places, reminding us that even in our darkest hours, hope can thrive.


It affects people from all walks of life. The Refuge is a reminder that we all have a part to play in breaking the cycle of abuse.


Directed by: Tracey Rooney

Written by: Donna Taylor, Susan Cummins and Tracey Rooney

Produced by: Donna Taylor and Djonny Chen





The Block
TV drama series. Currently approaching commissioners.

The Block is an award winning TV pilot, written by Donna Taylor. Donna was thrilled when Karen Bryson MBE came on board, sharing the vision for this becoming a potential TV drama. When BAFTA and EMMY award winning director David Blair agreed to direct the piece, everything fell into place. Since producing this pilot we have developed a treatment and a pitch for a returning 6 X 1 hour drama. We are currently approaching broadcasters with a view to having it commissioned.

The Block will be a down-to-earth, thought-provoking and compelling British drama for the new decade - authentic characters - powerful stories - and the spirit of community that eclipses every stereotype. In an ever-changing Britain, The Block will be an undeniable reminder that what unites us is always stronger than anything threatening to divide us. The pilot is available to view on request. 


Winner Best TV Pilot - Ramsgate International Film Festival


Directed by: David Blair (BAFTA/EMMY Winner)

Written by: Donna Taylor.

Produced by: Donna Taylor and Karen Bryson


The Lost

Feature film. Script completed, looking for investment.

A detective, haunted by his own loss, embarks on a quest for redemption as he assists a desperate woman in finding her missing child. In the shadows of their intertwined fates, he uncovers proof that unravels a dark and compelling mystery.


"The Lost" is a crime mystery delving into themes of loss, grief, and desperation, reminiscent of "Prisoners." Infused with a dark and gritty realism akin to a David Fincher movie, it builds towards a thrilling climax that leaves the audience questioning the very nature of justice.


ffffcoping with the fallout of their marriages whilst dealing with their own issues regarding early onset of Parkinson’s disease and depression. It is a story of hope, perseverance and of how love conquers all.


Stages is a poignant drama which we had the opportunity to develop and produce in association with Gripping Yarns Films. It is a stand-alone piece which we are very proud of. This powerful short film was written by Sen Monro and Gary Webster (Minder, Eastenders, Family Affairs). Donna Taylor and Michelle Orpe produced this together and we are currently submitting ‘Stages’ into Film Festivals around the world. 



STAGES is a story about how two people, living  hundreds of miles apart, find each other and true love in the face of adversity. It is about two people coping with the fallout of their marriages whilst dealing with their own issues regarding early onset of Parkinson’s disease and depression. It is a story of hope, perseverance and of how love conquers all.



ffffcoping with the fallout of their marriages whilst dealing with their own issues regarding early onset of Parkinson’s disease and depression. It is a story of hope, perseverance and of how love conquers all.

The Edge

‘It looked like she had it all, but looks can be deceiving.’ 


Stephanie is a widow with a teenage son Kian, she is a successful Deputy Head at a local Primary school, but she feels terribly alone. Dan who is charming, good looking, caring and affectionate comes into her life. He appeared to be everything she was looking for, but appearances can be deceptive. Their dream relationship turns into a living nightmare. Her love for him turns to fear, leaving Stephanie feeling trapped and desperate to find a way out.
This short film, co-written by Donna Taylor and Susan Cummins, is a domestic abuse drama which highlights the devastating impact this abuse can have on children.


Winner of Best Male and Female actors Birmingham Film Festival 2019



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